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Norfolk county council

Protect Ourselves, Protect Others, Protect Norfolk 

Norfolk Local Outbreak Control Plan has been launched under the strapline Protect Ourselves, Protect Others, Protect Norfolk to set out how the county will support the national NHS Test and Trace programme to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus.

The plan sets out how Norfolk’s Public Health will work with a range of County Council departments and community partners to prevent local outbreaks in the first place. However, if outbreaks do occur, the plan sets out how they will be tracked in specific work places, settings, and communities and managed to limit further transmission. Also detailed is how Norfolk residents can find further guidance and support.

Norfolk’s Director of Public Health has led on the development of our Local Outbreak Control Plan in partnership with district councils, NHS Chief Executives, and the Norfolk Resilience Forum.

It was developed after the Government announced that every area of England should produce a plan to prevent and manage local outbreaks of coronavirus as lockdown measures are eased. 

Prevention is key, and with further restrictions having been lifted, measures such as hand washing, social distancing in public places, and encouraging people to access testing immediately if they are unwell, are more important than ever.


How YOU can Help

We are pleased to announce, that the Parish Council has been awarded  a grant of £1000 from the Norfolk Community Foundation, to help with funding our registered Covid-19 volunteer team.

If anyone in the parish has to self isolate, or practice the higher level of social distancing, due to Coronavirus and doesn’t have anyone local to get food, medication or other essential supplies please let the Parish Council know and we will do our best to coordinate help.  Please use the contact details below.

At this unprecedented time we need to pull together as a community. Are there any willing folk in the main age group who are able to still go out and would be willing to help by picking up medication, shopping or essentials?


If you need assistance or can offer help please contact us via Facebook, email or phone/text Alyson on 07753 746557. When you make contact it would help if you could provide your name, phone number, email address, your availability to help plus the areas of the parish you can cover and ways in which you can help.

Please share this information with residents who are not on Facebook.or who don't have internet access.